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The Main Lounge  

Welcome to our main lounge, where comfort, community, and productivity converge. We offer exceptional spaces and services to meet all your business needs. 

Choose the Space of Your Choice

Whether you're interested in renting a private office, booking our conference room for your meetings, or learning more about our coworking spaces, we're just a message away.


Our office rentals provide flexibility, available by the hour, day, or for as long as you need.

  • High-speed Wi-Fi

  • Fit for Virtual & In-person Meetings

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply

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Commercial Rental Space

Welcome to The Main Lounge

Where comfort, community, and productivity converge. 
We offer exceptional spaces and services to meet all your business needs. 

With two versatile meeting rooms that holds up to 6 plus a conference room that holds up to 30, we provide the perfect environment for teams to gather, collaborate, and engage in both virtual and in-person meetings. Our rooms are thoughtfully designed to accommodate video conferences, presentations, and team discussions. Whether you require a one-hour, four-hour, eight-hour, or weekly rental, we have flexible options to suit your schedule.

At our location, we understand the importance of a well-equipped workspace. Our onsite staff is readily available to assist with any inquiries or support you may need. Additionally, our lounges serve as the heart and soul of our facility. Designed in a comfortable living room style, these spaces are curated to inspire creativity, promote comfort, and enhance productivity. It's like working from the comfort of your own home, but with the professionalism and amenities of a dedicated workspace.

We take pride in fostering a sense of community and regularly host professional and social events. These activities provide opportunities for networking, collaboration, and building meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. 

Maintaining a clean and safe environment is our top priority. Our cleaning services ensure that our spaces are frequently cleaned and adhere to enhanced cleaning protocols. 

Your business essentials are our priority, which is why we offer high-speed Wi-Fi to keep you connected and unlimited coffee and tea to keep you energized throughout the day.

Rest assured, we have a generator in place to ensure uninterrupted power supply, allowing you to focus on your work without any interruptions.

Come experience a workspace that combines functionality, comfort, and a vibrant community. We look forward to welcoming you to our conference room and providing you with an exceptional work environment.

Meeting and Conference Room
Rent Business Space
Conference Rooms


Our Services

  • Built with confidentiality in mind and optimized for private meetings.

    8 hr

    From 75 US dollars
  • Host an in-person or virtual meeting in our fully-furnished office.

    8 hr

    From 150 US dollars
  • Our conference room is available for rent at competitive prices.

    4 hr

    From 175 US dollars

Walkthrough Video

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Jessica's Color Room Salon

About Us

Hello, entrepreneurs, Allow us to introduce ourselves – we’re Jessica and Woody Dudley. Jessica is the heart behind Jessica’s Color Room Salon upstairs, and together, we found our hearts drawn to this enchanting old bank in Cromwell’s historic district. The moment we laid eyes on it, we knew it was meant to be ours. We are deeply passionate about this building and its potential, which is why we couldn’t bear to let the bottom floor go to waste. Our vision? To create a space where businesses can thrive and flourish.

We established conference rooms downstairs for individuals who work from home and crave connections with like-minded souls. Whether you’re looking to network, host webinars, start a podcast, or share your expertise, the main lounge is your place to shine. We are dedicated to supporting your growth and success by promoting your ventures within our vibrant networking space. Together, let’s build a community where dreams take flight!




1. No Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited in the conference room. We prioritize the health and comfort of all attendees.

2. No Mayhem: Maintain a respectful and professional environment by refraining from any disruptive or unruly behavior.

3. No Illegal Drugs: The use or possession of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited within the conference room premises.

4. No Drinking Hours: Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted during conference room hours. Please save any celebratory drinks for outside the designated workspace.

5. Time Limit: Conference room bookings are available for one, four, or eight hours, depending on what you have paid for. Please adhere to the designated time limit to ensure a smooth scheduling experience for all.

6. Clean Up After Yourself: It is the responsibility of every participant to clean up after themselves. Please leave the conference room in the same condition as you found it, ensuring it is tidy and ready for the next user.

7. No Music: To maintain a focused and distraction-free environment, refrain from playing music in the conference room. This helps ensure a productive atmosphere for all attendees.

8. No Loud Conversations: Respect the need for a quiet and professional setting by keeping conversations at a reasonable volume. This allows everyone to concentrate and engage effectively during meetings.

By adhering to these conference room rules, we can create a conducive and professional environment for all attendees. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.



Contact us today to inquire about availability and reserve our conference room for your next meeting or event. We look forward to assisting you and ensuring a successful gathering in our well-appointed conference room.


327 Main St.Cromwell,CT 06416

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